Hello Peeps,

Happy New Year! Of course I wish you all the very best in good health with lots of love and luck for the new year. If any challenges should cross your path, I hope they give you strength and make you aware of the loved ones in your surroundings who stand by you in difficult times. But above all, I wish you lotst of crafting fun and that you spread joy to others by sharing your projects. Admit it, everyone enjoys receiving a handmade card.

Because I enjoy doing this so much and because I want to share my hobby with as many people as possible, I’ve decided to become a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. To be honest, I have wanted to do this for years but my own insecurities have always held me back. In the autumn of 2017, I was talking with a friend of mine and she told me of her plans to start something for herself. Straight away I was excited for her and told her how I kept holding myself back dispite the attraction of having my own business. This conversation kept coming back to me. Not long after that I got word that my regular demonstator was stopping with Stampin’ Up and that turned out to be the push I needed to sign up.

Eventhough all Stampin’ Up demonstrator are independant, you do become part of a team and my team has already given me a warm welcome. Soon I will meet them all in real life for the first time on our TeamDay. I am comforted by the idea that there is a whole team of other creative entrepreneurs within reach, to help me when I don’t have the answers or know what to do.

For now though, I am boiling over with ideas, like every year. It will once again be a matter of time to see how many of my ideas I can realise. Naturally you will see more Stampin’ Up related posts from now on. Should your interest be triggered and you have an interest in hosting a workshop, by all means get in touch with me. You can also place orders with me at this website or by sending an email. Should you decide that Stampin’ Up is a good match for you too, you can join up with me as well. At the moment, this is especially interesting due to the Sale-A-Bration activities. If you would like more information about this, or anything else regarding Stampin’ Up, feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

With the aid of my husband, I will be giving this site a slight make-over in order to be able to apply all the features to make it as easy as possible to navigate my website. I’ll be back on Friday with another card.

Hope to see you then,