Hello Peeps,

Card buffet

Isn’t it fun to take part in a workshop? It became apparent to me again during my card buffet last Saturday.  Five ladies took part and had a choice of 10 different cards which I had prepared. There were instruction sheets inclueded so they could work independantly. Of course I was available to them to clarify or demonstrate things when a step was difficult or new to them. Dispite being of different levels of experience, each of the ladies went home proud and content with multiple handmade cards they did themselves. The workshop was without obligations. Everyone could make what they wanted and as many as they wanted within the set 3 hour timelimit. This left plenty of time for a cup of coffee, some snacks and lots of chit chat.

Masked buffet

Next month I will be hosting another card buffet. It will take place on Saturday October 20th from 14.00 to 17.00h at my house. Since the dat is so close to Halloween, it will be a masked buffet… More information will follow as the date nears. Costs will be € 2,- per card again and all will be without obligations. Should you realise after making 1 card that this is not for you, then you just stop. If you are enjoying yourself, you carry on. With another card or perhaps with a second card of the one you already made, if you really like it. You can make as many or few as you like. It’s all while supplies last.

Other workshops

If you wish to host your own workshop, you can call on me too. I have different kinds of projects which are suited for a workshop such as cards, a mini album or a calendar. If you have something specific in mind, I’m always open to suggestions. Together we can pull of something amazing, You arrange for 3-8 guests and I will take care of a fun afternoon or evening. Should you be interested in this, click here for more information about what I can do for you. You can also find more information about the workshops that I have planned here.

See you next time,